The Path

We all have a path to walk, be it one we’ve chosen or one set by the devine. In both cases we know when we are on the right path because our daily lives flow as they should and we achieve a sense of happiness, a sense of “rightness” in all things.

The path can often be filled with pitfalls and various forks though and the pessimist in me knows that straying from it is much easier than following it.

It’s much easier to recover from being lost from your path than to be travelling the wrong one or in the completely wrong direction.

We have a compass built into us, it’s called intuition. To ignore the compass is to invite things such as depression, unrest and just a general darkness in our lives. Follow your intuition always! I promise it will never steer you wrong, even if the distractions of life sometimes make it seem to the contrary.

For those of you travelling the wrong path, I will pray for you. I did it all my life and I’m still on the journey back to the begging of where I should have always been. They’re has been much sadness and pain in my life and it’s all self inflicted. I ignored my compass for far too long.

The light in the darkness there is the experience I’ve gained. I now recognize the pitfalls and forks, my experiences will now allow me to run in the right direction rather than walk. There is hope.

For those of you who might of just strayed and ended up in the dark woods, smile. It’s far easier to be lost than to be travelling the wrong direction. Listen for the calls of those who are on your path with you, they will guide you back and confirm what your intuition has already told you. You will know the ones walking your path with you, they will be the people who love you and want you to succeed in your journey.

I wish all you Light Warriors and Light Workers safe travels on your path and may whichever God is yours bring you to the light at the end of your trail.

You are not alone, there’s an army behind you. You are loved.


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    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate your comments.🙏


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