What are 2 songs that give you a tingle up your spine?

  • Les Friction- Louder Than Words
  • Les Friction- Dark Matter

If you aren’t already a fan, give these two an honest listen and see what you feel afterwards. Leave me your two favorite songs as well.

I love you all my fellow Light Warriors and Light Workers.

3 responses to “What are 2 songs that give you a tingle up your spine?”

  1. The music of Les Friction is something new and powerful to me. I am not familiar with them and was reminded in a small way of Pink Floyd. Their music could easily be a soundtrack to a movie. The harmonies blend seamlessly and the orchestral background is spine-tingling.
    My favorite music of all time is very simply stated in two words: The Beatles. There is not one song by them that I do not like (with the exception of Revolution #9). Of their vast repertoire there are two songs which always calm me and inspire me: In My Life and Because. If you’re not familiar with the songs, please give a listen.
    Your post is quite lovely, different from any I’ve seen before. I’m sure I will enjoy the messages you share with us. Your homepage graphic is off the charts!


    1. I will definitely reacquaint myself with the Beatles (Epic) and you are very in tune ( no pun intended) with the music of Les Friction. The entire album is basically a post apocalyptic story of the battle between good and evil. Each song could be compared to an episode in a series.
      Thank you for your honest listen and thank you so much for your recommendation in return.
      What a wonderful community of talented people, I feel blessed.
      Have a wonderful day Nancy and thank you so much for the encouragement.

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      1. You are very welcome! Glad to have you with us; it is a wonderful community! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Besides writing, music is a passion of mine. I am a musician and a singer so I know a little bit about it; I definitely know good music when I hear it. Thanks for turning me on to Les Friction. I will be listening!

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