Make no Mistake

Hello all! My name is Robert and I was once told by someone I love that I am a light warrior. I thought this quite a cool title, but had no idea what it meant. I’ve spent the last 20 years living in the abyss. A drug addict and a sad, depressed human being. I recently found my way out of the darkness and an odd feeling arose in me. Happiness.

I’m blogging here in the hopes that my words and your words as well, might help someone find their own light. Sometimes a simple story is an affirmation for someone. Sometimes words can change a life. Imagine a world where people truly understand, a world where ” I know how you feel” isn’t just idle banter.

Make no mistake my Brothers and Sisters, we are at war. The war is with unhappiness. I’m creating this blog for all the Light Warriors and Light workers alike. Post your stories, thoughts, ideas and feelings for each other. Your words could change a life, or even save a life and with each post we will form a community of love and support.

This is attainable!

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