The Army of Light

Hello my fellow Light Warriors and Light Workers. You are Loved.

Today I saw a homeless man with a sign that said “Veteran”. It hurts my heart and my soul to the core. These Men and Women who saw combat, who saw friends and comrades die, who killed in the name of their government, have been left to the cold. They have been left to hunger. They suffer Scars we can’t comprehend. Mental illness. Addiction and they are being ignored and forgotten.

These soldiers kept up their end of a promise, they took an oath and upheld it and how shameful that even one of them isn’t in a home of their own with all the food and medical attention they will need, until they come to the last chapter of their lives.

We might not be able to change this for them. In fact many of those lost and forgotten souls will be gone before anything could be done ( I’m sorry for my pessimism) but maybe in the next couple days I could ask each and every one of you to send out some light from your hearts. Thirty seconds with closed eyes and see them, see these forgotten men and women and send them your love. I like to think that they will feel our vibrations…

I mean no offense to anyone, nor am I trying to pass blame. This is just an opinion and my perspective and I thank you for reading.

You are all loved.


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