Re: How can you not believe in hell?

I think that we all have demons in our closets, be them big or small. We grow up with extremes. On one end of the spectrum we’re told we’re bad. We even do it to our pets ( you bad dog) and if you’re told something enough, you start to believe it, even if you’re not aware you’re doing it.
Life can be a cold, dark storm and some aren’t as strong and self aware as others. I can see how it might be easier to deny hell or adopt the idea that there’s forgiveness in everything we do, than to go through life with the idea that this is just the beginning of our suffering.
People can also be beyond cruel. Just look at how many ways we’ve imagined to torture and kill each other. There are things that happen to people that a lot of us can’t even imagine because it’s just so disgusting and terrible.
Pardon the graphic description, but I’ve never stood over a mass grave with babies still squirming in it because it’s a waste of a bullet to shoot them before tossing them in. I’ve never been sold into sex slavery and had some maniac remove my baby ( a product of repeated rapes) with a coat hanger. I’ve never had an arm chopped off because of the tribe I was born into. I won’t bother delving into the Holocaust or Residential schools or English rule over the Irish/Scottish etc…
Is it any wonder that the idea that we already live in hell so surprising?
I have my beliefs and please know this isn’t an argument for either side of the coin and whether I agree or disagree with anyone is not relevant. What is relevant is Empathy and the ability to see another person’s perspective .
I love you all and I have gratitude in my heart for each and every one of you.

Please feel free to leave your comments, but please do so intelligently and with respect for others.


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